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#1 in Crisis Leadership Elevation--Why You and Your Team Need the Best Crisis Leadership Speaker, Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen and NOT a Sound-Byte Time Waster!

CEO Stealth Elevation LLC
#1 Crisis Leadership Speaker, Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

My Speaking Events are Different. I provide Real, Transformational Impact and this does NOT come in the form of sound-bytes, or the cliché takeaways that so many "Speakers" have ruined your expectations with. I value your investment with me and I have worked hard on my delivery techniques to maximize and transform the lessons I have learned from Leading, Mentoring and being Mentored by the world's Most ELITE Aviators from the Top-Secret world of the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber--Why? So that You can WIN in Business Warfare.

What makes me happy and fulfilled in my business, is seeing you take these "Tip-of-the-Spear" Concepts and implement them IMMEDIATELY in your sphere, to increase Your Organization's Overall Leadership Ability, so that you can handle any Situation as You learn to work Strategic to Tactical to improve Overall Leadership, Synergy, Productivity, Crisis Decision Making and much more in order to ultimately Drive Profitability, Success and well deserved Bonuses.

I am brought in by those who are hungry to Win and I use a unique concept of "Speaking Themes" because You and Your Team need to see, visualize and hear how these concepts are put into practice at the very ELITE Level of Leadership, so that you can harness the Power of what is being taught and yield it for your circles of influence. My Overall Goal is to create ELITE Leaders who take care of their People and not only Thrive in Business, but in Life! We need Businesses, Teams, Organizations and Associations who embrace a "Humble, Alpha Killer" Attitude, so that we stop wasting valuable resources and energy, but we also need Leaders to LEAD and fight to create more of that most valuable resource--the one in which is limited for all of us, the most critical resource--TIME. Far too often, it is used as an excuse. I hear it daily: "Joseph, I don't have the TIME to teach my Team--I am putting out Fires All Day," or "We don't have enough people, or money for a training event." My Answer: You can't afford NOT to! You can't afford Critical Decision-Making Errors in the Heat of Battle--You can't afford to not be Strategic in the midst of the War! You can't afford to NOT Create Time to Learn and Grow! Let me Equip You and Your Team with the Tools to Lead and Thrive in ANY Environment!

My Speaking Themes are different--they stand alone, or they build nicely into one another for longer, more Elevating Events. Regardless of the duration, they will be customized to your exact pain points and duration requirements whether it is a Keynote, Lunch and Learn, 2-3 Hour in-depth session, Leadership Retreat or Curated Masterclass. I use Real Stories and Case Studies that I have experienced from the ELITE Levels of Aviation, Leadership and Business, so that you can see and feel real concepts come to life and take the applicable elements for Execution in Your World.

In my coming posts, I will expand on these unique Themes, so that You can get a better idea of the Positive Impact I can bring to Your Organization. You will quickly see that I am a different breed of Speaker. When You are Ready for your FREE Strategy call, let's do it! I don't take on many events and my calendar fills up fast, but if we are a good fit, I will find a way...Discover more:



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