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Why Not You? Former B-2 Stealth Bomber Instructor Pilot Becomes Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur!

Leadership & Personal Development are Incredibly Intertwined...Yet Many "leaders" are NOT Self-Developed. I Created Stealth Elevation to Change This. Stealth Elevation LLC Came Out of a Single Idea...We NEED Real Leaders...Real Leaders Exist in Each and Every One of Us--They Are NOT Born...Leaders ARE Developed. I Was Raised in a Lower Middle Class Household in Michigan...Neither of My Parents Went to College, But I Was Determined to Become More Than My Circumstances or Environment...I Was Going To Chase My Dreams No Matter the Cost. You See...Leadership Does NOT Come From a Certain Background, You Don't Have to Be From Somewhere Important, or From a Certain Family Tree...Life Doesn't Care. Life and the Universe Are Craving ONLY One Thing....RESULTS...

Fast Forward to the Tipping Point...Seemingly at the Top of My Game--Just Competing the Grueling B-2 Stealth Bomber Instructor Pilot Course (Wait...What Was My Qualification to Be Invited to this Course? It Was Nothing Really...Just to Successfully Lead a 31.2 Hour...3-Ship of B-2's...In a Non-Stop Combat Training Flight--Integrating Into an Airborne Armada of 90 Different Airplanes for a Coordinated Precision Strike Against a Realistic Target...Refueling In-Flight Three Different Times In Order to Deliver a Bigger...Strategic Message--Putting the World On Notice...that the B-2 Was Everywhere at Anytime...It Was No Big Deal...Really). An Ultra Exclusive Club that Only the Top 25% of B-2 Pilots Make it Into--Becoming an Instructor in the Stealth Bomber Was Indeed a Great Accomplishment and Honor...To Be Able to Instruct, Mentor and Teach the World's Most ELITE Aviators...I Should Have Been on Top of the World After All of That, But Life Had Other Plans...My World Crumbled...I Was Living Two Separate Lives and the Stress Was Overwhelming...My Two World's Collided and I Subsequently Went Through a Painful Divorce...My Lowest Time...I NEVER Thought of It at the Time, but I Can See Now that Suicide...Was Not That Far Away...I Didn't Know Which Way Was Up, but After Days of Loneliness and Loathing Myself...I Decided I Was NOT Going Out Like This--That I Had Much More to Become and Regardless of What It Would Do To My Career and My Above TOP SECRET Clearances...I Decided to Get Help. I Started to Attend Counseling, Which Was Very Difficult for a Type-A, Trained Alpha Killer, but I Knew I Had to Start Somehow and When You Don't Know Which Way is Up--It's Always Good to Find an Expert, or Someone Who has the Ability to Help. I Had Never Attended Counseling Before This...I Thought I Was In Control of Everything...I Thought I Was Good...The Truth Is...I Was Dead Inside. After My First Session--I'll NEVER Forget What the Counselor Told Me: "Joe, That's an Incredible Story--Your Professional Self-Esteem is Pretty Good, But Your Personal Self-Esteem is the Toilet...WE Are Going to Work On Balancing Those Out!" I Left That Session Feeling Slightly Better...That There Was Hope For a Better Future...Right There I Decided to FINALLY Get to Know Myself and I Started On a Basic Mission of Becoming the Best Father and Person I Could Become...

As I Continued Counseling--I Put My All Into Homework From My Sessions...I Started to Climb Out of the Deep Hole I Was In...I Really Got in Touch With My Emotions For the Very FIRST Time in My Life. My Boss at the Time Told Me: "Joe, When You Climb Out of This, You NEED to Do Me a Favor...You NEED to Promise Me that You Will Find a Way to Tell Your Story...To Help Other People, Because You ARE Already Helping Someone Else in the Squadron and You Can Do Great Things For People In This World!" This is Where the Seeds For Stealth Elevation Were Planted...WE All Have Incredible Stories to Tell. Your Story and Your Experiences Can Be Just the Catalyst Someone Needs to Make MASSIVE Change and ELEVATE in Life!

I Never Thought I would be an Author, but After Journaling For a Few Days, I Realized I Had a Lot of Amazing Life Experiences that Could Really Help Other People in Terms of Leadership, Self-Development and Elevating to Find My Soulmate Relationship. So...I Started to Organize My Thoughts and Before I Knew It...I Had 60 Pages of What Would Become "Stealth Elevate" Written. I Poured My Heart and Soul Into that Book. I Was So Passionate on Delivering the Intent to the Listener...I Invested in the Necessary Equipment and Learned to Narrate the Audiobook Version...Honestly, I Didn't Think the Book Would Become a Business, But I Realized While Writing It...I Had a Lot to Give In Terms of Leadership and Personal Development...So I Opened Stealth Elevation LLC. I NEVER in a Million Years Thought I Would Become a Speaker...But I Was Presented with an Opportunity to Speak for an Hour This Past May--to Budding Entrepreneurs and I Loved It! After That, I Started In On A Journey to a New Speaking Career! Be Open to Life's Different Paths and You Never Know Where Life Will Take You!

I Am Simply Adding Tools to My Tool-belt...I Love to Fly and I LOVE Flying the 787 Dreamliner, but I Love to Give and Serve Too, So I Am Becoming More Everyday! The Point is: NEVER Stop Growing and Evolving! YOU Don't Fit Into a Cookie Cutter Mold--You Are More Than a CEO, Manager, Author, Speaker, Father, Mother, Partner, or Leader...You Can Become Whoever You Want to Become! You Can Add Whatever Skills You Need to Develop to Chase Your Passions, Because They Are Yours and Unique to You! Why Go On This Journey? So That You Can Achieve True Fulfillment and Success in Life! We Need You, How Are You Going to Develop? What Are You Going to Become? You Got This! Let's Go!!

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Joseph "Chroniꓘ” VanDusen | Founder / CEO of Stealth Elevation
Create Who You Want to Be! You Can Become Whatever and Whoever You Want to Become!

Stealth Elevate Audiobook. Written and Read By Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen
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