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 Stealth Elevation's 
Transformational Change
Leadership Development Programs

Presented By:  Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

Customized ELITE Deep-Dive In-Person & Hybrid Transformational Change Leadership Programs Designed to Help Driven Executives, Leaders & Entrepreneurs Become the Best while Driving Productivity, Innovation and Profitability!

Choose Your ELEVATION Experience :)

6 Month Deep Leadership Immersion --

Day 1:  Discovery Day 

We Start the 6-Month Immersion Program by Listening to Your Needs--This is 4-hours of Included 1 on 1 Personal Time With You and Your Leadership Team--We Get a Sense of Where You Are and Where You Want to Go -- From this Observation, We Develop a Personalized "Strike Plan" to be Presented on the Morning of the Next Day  

Why the 12-Month Program?

The 12-Month Program Allows for a Deeper Structure.  We Will Incorporate Relationship Coaching, Themed Keynotes & Breakouts based on the Needs of Your Unique "Strike Plan"

Why Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen Can Create an ELITE Leadership Team for Your Organization:

 A Seasoned Leader with an Exceptional Record of Success in High Pressure, "No Fail" Situations.  From Expertly handling Engine Fires in Flight to Preparing for Nuclear Combat, Joseph has Honed his Skills in the most Demanding Environments Imaginable and is Highly Regarded as one of the "Best of the Best."   Now He's Eager to Leverage His Expertise to Help Your Team Achieve the same Level of ELITE Excellence


What Can Joseph Do for You?

Joseph Will Mentor your Leaders through a Customized Program to Help:

  • Develop Continuous ELITE Improvement--He will Install his Stealth Bomber Based Ultimate Goal Setting and ELITE Execution Model to Enable Your Leaders to Achieve Previously IMPOSSIBLE Goals. 

  • Joseph will Help You and Your Leaders Develop Strategic and Tactical Decision Making Processes, Allowing for ELEVATED Problem Solving and the Formation of High Performing Teams!

  • He will Show Your Leaders How to Implement a Cutting Edge Business Debriefing Model that Allows for Rapid Progression and a Failing Forward Mindset that will Drive Productivity, Profitability and Ensure Your Edge in the Marketplace.

These Programs are Only Open to Those Businesses and Organizations Willing to Put in the Work to Become ELITE... 

So the Only Question is:


Are You Ready?

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