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Are you ready to gain the Slight Edge Advantage that separates the ELITE from the rest? Then it's time to learn the Stealth Bomber Approach to ELITE Goal Setting and Execution with Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen's groundbreaking new book series. Drawing on his Multi-Billion Dollar Stealth Bomber Pilot education and Priceless Leadership experience, he reveals one of the secrets to winning in Life, Leadership, and Business. With Part 2 of this incredible series, "The Art of ELITE Execution," you'll learn how to implement the Advanced Strategy, and Tactics you planned for after Part 1: "The Target Backwards Approach."

The Art of ELITE Execution gives you the tools needed to deal with the enviable "wrenches in the road" that attempt to throw you off of your "Strike Plan," so that you can press forward for "Target" achievement. Italian Air Marshall Giulio Douhet said: “Victory smiles upon those who anticipate the change in the character of war