The Stealth Elevation ELITE
Leadership Development

Presented By:  Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

An ELITE Customized Deep-Dive In-Person & Hybrid Leadership Program Designed to Make Driven Executives, Leaders & Entrepreneurs the Best of the Best!

Choose Your ELEVATION Experience

6 Month Deep Leadership Immersion --

Day 1:  Discovery Day 

We Start the 6-Month Immersion Program by Listening to Your Needs--This is 4-hours of Included 1 on 1 Personal Time With You and Your Leadership Team--We Get a Sense of Where You Are and Where You Want to Go -- From this Observation, We Develop a Personalized "Strike Plan" to be Presented on the Morning of the Next Day  

Why the 12-Month Program?

The 12-Month Program Allows for a Deeper Structure.  We Will Incorporate Relationship Coaching, Themed Keynotes & Breakouts based on the Needs of Your Unique "Strike Plan"

Who is Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen and Why Should He Teach You How To Become an ELITE Leader? 

Stealth Elevation's ELITE Leadership Mastery Program is Honed from the Crucible of ELITE Aviation.  Joseph Knows What it Takes to Lead from the Top and Perform at the "Tip of the Spear!"  He was Chosen to Turn Around a Failing $170 Million Essential B-2 Stealth Bomber Program...What happened?  He Turned it Into a Thriving $220 Million Powerhouse of Productivity, Culture and Innovation!  Born and Raised in a Small Midwestern Town,  He Choose to Take Calculated Risk and Became 1 of only 600 Pilots EVER Qualified to Fly the Deadliest Weapons System on Earth -- The B-2 Stealth Bomber.  There, He Elevated to the Top 25% of the ULTRA Elite B-2 Pilot Force, Becoming an Instructor.  At the Top of the Game, He went through a Heartbreaking Divorce and Quite Literally "Blew Up" His Life.


 Rising From the Ashes, He Truly Found Himself, While Invoking Massive Change...Soaring to New Heights as a Commercial Airline Pilot, Where He Once Again Ascended to the Top of the Game, Flying the 787 Dreamliner!  In 2020, Facing a Furlough Situation at the Airline, He Wrote his First Book "Stealth Elevate," in an Effort to Help People Overcome Challenges and Pass on His Stealth Bomber Leadership Experience to ALL Industries!  From There He Opened Stealth Elevation LLC to Develop Executives, Leaders and Power Couples While Still Enjoying his Main Passion of Flight at the Airline.   In 2022, He Found Yet Another Passion Area, Speaking...He Became a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and a Highly Sought After Keynote Speaker as Another Avenue to Pass Along His Tremendous Leadership and Life Experience.   He is Passionate About ELITE Leadership Development and Believes that All Leaders at the Top of their Game Need Mentorship to Continue Elevating!


There was No Better Crucible of Leadership than the ELITE B-2 Community and He Aims to Spread the Wealth of Knowledge and Real Life, Night One Global Strike Strategic to Tactical Humble Alpha Killer Leadership to All Industries...WE Need Real Leaders Today More Than EVER!  Joseph's Passion, Teaching Style and Mentorship Will Make You and Your Team ELITE, but YOU Have to Do the Hard Work. -- Are YOU Ready. LET'S GO!