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"Stealth Elevate" -- The Amazing Life,
Leadership & Business ELEVATION Book!


The B-2 Stealth Bomber is the most feared instrument of Strategic power on Earth.  Over its 28 years in the Air Force, less than 600 Preeminent Pilots have been qualified to fly the TOP SECRET airplane.  Joseph “Chroniꓘ” VanDusen is #352.  STEALTH ELEVATE is the true account of soaring success and monumental failure from which many lifetimes of secrets are uncovered to help you Annihilate Life, Leadership and Business.   Joseph writes in an incredibly Open, Honest, Vulnerable and Authentic way as he details the building of the Man he wanted and needed to become.  In these pages, Chroniꓘ Mentors you through his story and experiences with the hope of helping YOU on YOUR journey of life!  The tremendous value of this book overflows when he presents his revolutionary Elevation Points™ system to driven Individuals and Business Leaders.  The system details how to quickly build highly Effective Teams, instill a Winning Culture, Attack Goals and quickly Debrief lessons learned in a concise and effective way.  The Elevation Points™ system is built from his experience Mentoring the world’s most ELITE Aviators and has been proven to exponentially increase ROI while providing a phenomenal boost to ANY Bottom Line, regardless of industry!  Joseph teaches how the Power of Positivity and Gratitude has transformed his Leadership and he hopes to help as many people as possible take Calculated Risk, START moving, living and LOVING life to its fullest potential!  This book will rattle you to the core…Are you READY?  Let’s STEALTH ELEVATE!

Available in:  Audiobook , Hardcover,
Paperback & E-Book Formats!

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