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WE Are Passionate Teachers, Mentors, Servant Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Life Givers! We Strive to Provide Tremendous VALUE and OVER-DELIVER in Everything We Do!  Our Mission is to Help You Achieve Joy and Fulfillment Through Servant Leadership, Self-Discovery, Positive Influence, Gratitude and Relationship Building--We Want You to Live ELITE! 


Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

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Founder & CEO

The World Needs ELITE Leaders and Joseph is Passionate about Developing Great Leaders, Relationships, Lives and Businesses.  Always Taking the Path Less Traveled, He Has Achieved Rare "Air" Through Leading, Instructing and Mentoring the World's Most ELITE Aviators as a B-2 Stealth Bomber Instructor Pilot.  Currently a Major Airline Pilot, Flying the 787 Dreamliner, He Has Achieved Everything He Has Set His Sights On--Including Finding the Love of His Life and Soulmate Andi Naka!  Fortunately for Us, Joseph Has Not Stopped Growing and Elevating in Life!  During the Height of the Pandemic and Facing a Furlough at the Airline, Joseph Turned His Sights to Mentoring and Growing Others to an ELITE Level in Life through Authoring his First Book; "Stealth Elevate" and Opening His First Company: "Stealth Elevation" Which Focuses on Growing ELITE People and Leaders.  He Truly Loves People and  Maintains a Humble, Authentic and Approachable Character.  More Simply Put, You Will Love Joseph and the Great Content Delivered From Stealth Elevation as You ELEVATE in Your Life Faster than Ever Before! 


Andi Naka

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People, Influence & Marketing

Andi was Born in the Beautiful Country of Brazil.  She is a Model, Influencer, and Life-Coach Who is FASCINATED with Helping Others Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Their Greatest Potential. 

She Came to America on a Student Visa and Fell in Love with the Country and the Opportunity it Gives it's Citizens!  She Went from Barely Speaking any English, to Graduating with a Degree in Criminal Justice while Pursuing and Earning her United States Citizenship Along the Way.  Andi is Extremely Driven and Speaks 3 Languages Fluently.  She Has Owned and Operated Numerous Businesses Over the Years.  Like Joseph, She is Always Growing , Learning and Elevating in Life!  Extremely Approachable, Humble and Outgowing, She is Eager to Help You on YOUR ELITE Journey!

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