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STEALTH Leadership Development that

From the Event Capital
of the World:  
Las Vegas, Nevada
to Wherever You Are!

  • The World's #1 Stealth Elevation Life & Leadership Expert

  • ELITE Leadership & Personal Development Speaking

  • Transformational Change Leadership Consulting

  • ELEVATED Executive Coaching

Former B-2 Stealth Bomber Instructor Pilot
Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

Positive Life and Leadership Elevation for Your ELITE Journey!

ELITE Leadership Lessons Adapted to Your Business

Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

High Stakes
Risk Management Tactics

Ultimate Goal Setting &
ELITE Execution for Your Bottom Line!

Elevated Personal Development

Fun, Energetic, INSPIRING!

Invest With Stealth Elevation Only if You Enjoy ELITE Productivity & Profitability :)

Joseph's Signature Programs are Fully Customizable to Your Needs--Including:
1-Hour Keynotes; Half Day, Full Day or Multi-Day Seminars;
Executive and Leadership Retreat
s and Much More

Everything We Do Helps to Elevate Your Execution! 

Loaded Benefits From Each Focus Area

Developmental Based Leadership

Stealth Based Leadership

Team Based Leadership

Learn to Implement Powerful Leadership and  Personal Development Daily Habit Routines that:

  • Develop Servant Leader Synergy

  • Increase Cross-Communication

  • Enhance Your Strategic and Tactical Decision Making Skills

  • Discover the Power of Compartmentalization

  • Grow Your Situational Awareness  Picture to Enhance Rapid Progression

  • Drive Profitability 

Discover Stealth Bomber Based Goal Setting and ELITE Execution for your "No Fail" Life and Business!  Implement:

  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution

  • Develop a "Target Backwards" Mindset Critical to ELITE Success

  • High Value Target Delegation Principals

  • Develop Your Change-Management Ability

  • Build High Performance Teams

  • Debrief for Success to Instill a "Fail Forward" Mentality 

  • Drive Productivity & Profitability to Unseen Heights!

Develop Powerful Stealth Bomber Based High-Performance Teams that:

  • Come Together to Solve Previously IMPOSSIBLE Goals

  • Understand the Value of Creating SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and Checklists to Rapidly Improve Decision Making, Productivity and Profitability

  • Implement Mentoring Meritocracies to Ensure Leadership Development and Enhanced Culture in Perpetuity 

  • Eliminate Stovepipes, Waste and Abuse While Fostering Creativity Driving Your Bottom Line to the Stratosphere!

Joseph "Chroni VanDusen Brings His Wealth of Knowledge to Help You Achieve ELITE Levels!

Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen
Joseph is Here to Help You! It's Weird, We Know, But it's Why We Love Him So...His Main Passion is to See You Develop, Succeed & Lead at an ELITE Level in Life, Leadership, Relationships & Business.  He's Just a Click Away from Your Elevation!  All You Have to Do is Start the Process :)
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